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Passover Feast

2023 Passover Menu

(minimum $35 order for pre-orders)


• Chopped Liver$11.99 per lb.
• Gefilte Fish$3.50 ea.
• Beet Horseradish$6.99 per lb.
• Chicken Soup$6.99 qt.
• Matzoh Balls$2.50 ea.
• Potato Latkes$2.99 ea.


• Half Roasted Chicken
     with Herbs
$7.99 ea. half
• Beef Brisket with Gravy$23.99 per lb.
• Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast$12.99 per lb.
• Grilled Sweet & Sour or
     Poached Salmon
$22.99 per lb.

Side Dishes

• Charoset$10.99 per lb.
• Maple Whipped Yams$6.99 per lb.
• Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes$6.99 per lb.
• Garlic or Plain Mashed Potatoes$6.99 per lb.
• Roasted Vegetables$9.99 per lb.
• Green Beans Almondine$9.99 per lb.
• Turkey Gravy$4.99 per qt.
• Kugel: Apple Raisin or Vegetable$10.99 per lb.

**All orders must be in
by end of day
Friday, March 31ST

Due to quantities,
substitutions may not
be honored.

Bakery Passover Menu

• Jewish Apple Cake (9"x13")   $26.49
• Brownies with Chocolate Chips (9"x13")   $23.99
• Kamish Bread with Chocolate Chips or Nuts   $14.49 per lb.
• Chocolate & Toffee Covered Matzo with Pecans   $18.99 per lb.
• Assorted Loaf Cakes:
   Pound, Banana, Honey, Marble, Chocolate or Jewish Apple
• 7" Chocolate Bavarian Cream Cake   $34.99
• 7" Black Forest Cake   $34.99
• 7" Lemon Mousse Torte   $34.99
• 7" Strawberry Shortcake   $34.99
• 7" Cheesecakes
   Plain, Raspberry, or Caramel
• 3-Layer Chocolate Cheesecake Torte (half)   $23.50
• 3-Layer Chocolate Cheesecake Torte (whole)   $34.50
• 8" Flourless Chocolate Cake   $41.99
• Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries (6x9)   $41.99
• Lemon Pound   $42.99


Please help us make your holidays stress-free and enjoyable by following our order guidance:

All holiday catering orders must be placed directly with our Catering Department. You must speak either by phone (610-941-7101) or in person.

Do not email your holiday catering orders or mix your orders with our shopping and delivery services. After speaking with our catering team, you will be given a confirmation number to verify that your order has been placed. This will be used to locate and retrieve your order for pickup and checkout. We cannot promise deliveries for the holidays! Curbside pickups will be available, however. You will need to leave your credit card number for this. When calling for pickups, have your order confirmation number ready and let us know it is for a catering order (not shopping order). We thank you for understanding these needed changes during this unprecedented time.

Want to Order Catering From Us? Here's How:

  1. Visit the Catering Menu pages of our website and select your items.

  2. To place your order, just call us at:

  3. Specify if you would like to pick up your catering order OR if you would like your catering order delivered.

  4. A representative will take your order and will schedule a convenient time for delivery or pickup!
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